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Week in Reviews

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kon150.jpgFor the Maine Sunday Telgram, John Golden grants two stars out of five ("fair") to Kon Asian Bistro in Westbrook, thanks to the "many ups and downs" of his meal. The restaurant features a mix of a "gaudily opulent" ambiance and "woefully mediocre" food that doesn't quite cut it. An Indian pancake was "tasty" but apparently missing the promised vegetable ingredients, while rock shrimp tempura was made from "not rock shrimp by any means but plain old frozen shrimp thawed and fried." An ambiguously Thai or Chinese basil beef stir-fry was "the standout dish," and on the other end of the scale, a fried ice cream dessert was the absolute worst. Overall, Kon Asian Bistro falls into the category of restaurants "good enough to try once because they may be unique or different but ultimately not compelling enough for a second visit." [MST]