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The West End Deli Move Is Now in the Works

A drawing of the original West End Deli location.
A drawing of the original West End Deli location.
Image: Facebook

As reported back in November, the West End Deli is relocating, making way for a Chinese dumpling restaurant from Tao Yuan's Cara Stadler. Today, Eat Maine posts that the original location of the deli is now closed for the move to a former art gallery at 545 Congress St., which is twice as large. It should open in the new space next week.

Meanwhile, Stadler's dumpling restaurant could open in May. According to the Press Herald, Stadler is excavating the basement and reconfiguring the space into a single level. As for the food, Stadler told the Portland Monthly that they'll serve dumplings "steamed, fried, and boiled, very traditional but with creative fillings...We'll do our riff on, say, chicken cashew hoisin or kung pao chicken, but as dumpling fillings."
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