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Casa Fiesta Now Open in Portland

Casa Fiesta Mexican Bar & Grill opened last week at 865 Forest Ave. in Portland. It's the second Maine location, joining a Biddeford outpost that boasts of having the "best Margaritas in York County." With a menu of reasonably priced Mexican food and drink and a roaming Mariachi band, Casa Fiesta will try to find success in a space that has meant doom to numerous other restaurants. Since Raoul's Roadside Attraction closed there in the 90s, the address has probably seen more failed restaurants than any other spot in the city: American Pie, Pie Hole Smokehouse & Pizzeria, Flirts (a true low point in Portland's history), Mexico Lindo, The Loft and The Venue (and probably some others we're forgetting) have all come and gone.
· Casa Fiesta [Facebook]

Casa Fiesta

865 Forest Ave., Portland, ME, 04103