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What are Maine's Most Underrated Restaurants?

Bintliff's. [Photo: Flickr/zappowbang]

Everyone wants to know about the restaurants that are new, hot and pushing the boundaries. Some places seem to get all the attention (often, rightfully so), whether from visiting writers from national publications or local papers and blogs. So here's the questions to you: What are Maine's most underrated restaurants? We're looking for the places that fly under the radar for one reason or another. Maybe they're off the beaten path. Perhaps they've got flashy food neighbors that cause them to be overlooked. Could be they don't Tweet enough.

We want to know the restaurants that you think deserve more local attention. Please let us know your standbys and go-tos that we might be missing. Please provide the name of the restaurant and what makes it so good, either in the comments, via the tipline or through the anonymous tip form. We'll round up your answers in a map next week.
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