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Ricchio's Latest 'Off the Wagon' Visits Oxbow Festival

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In the latest edition of Joe Ricchio's "Off the Wagon" web series, the film maker/writer/bartender/bon vivant visits Oxbow Brewing Company's third annual Goods from the Woods festival in Newcastle. It took place in the fall, but the video was just completed. Ricchio, who is back in Maine full-time and will be manning the bar at Miyake Diner when it opens soon (possibly next week), keeps his stemmed Oxbow glass full throughout the episode. He goes on a hike to find an aged cask of Loretta ale, philosophizes and eats and drinks plenty. He talks with the Oxbow owners, the Small Axe Truck guys, Josh Bankhead of Hella Good Tacos and caterer/chef/baker Josh Potocki (of Pocket Brunch fame). He enjoys his day in the woods even with the "multitude of children running amok." Check out the video below:

· Off the Wagon with Joe Ricchio Ep 103: Goods from The Woods [YouTube]

Oxbow Brewing Company

274 Jones Woods Rd, Newcastle, Maine, 04553