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Cronuts Are Coming to Portland Whole Foods

It's the autumn of the cronut at Whole Foods in Portland. [Photo: Facebook]

Technically, they'll go by a different name, but who wants to get technical? After watching The Summer of the Cronut from afar, Mainers will finally have the chance to buy a version of the breakfast delicacy on their home soil. A rep from the Portland Whole Foods Market has confirmed that the store will start selling the "croissant donuts" soon (Cronut was trademarked by baker/inventor/genius Dominique Ansel).

Eater Boston's report on cronuts coming to the Arlington Whole Foods suggested that cronuts in Portland were a possibility. The Somerset Street grocery store won't be making the croissant donuts in house (there's no fryer in the bakery). It will be importing them from Boston Gourmet Chefs. (Here's a pic of their chocolate eclair version.) The Portland rep didn't have all the details at this point, but the info received from the regional bakery is that they'll be available starting early next month in four flavors. As for how long they'll be sold? "Our regional team says there is no end in sight."
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