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A Look Inside the Harbor Fish Market Cookbook

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[Photos: Tom Minervino]

The Harbor Fish Market has been in the Alfiero family for nearly 50 years. Located on Custom House Wharf on the Portland waterfront, it's become a city icon. A new book, Harbor Fish Market: Seafood Recipes From Maine by Nick, Rian and Kathleen Alfiero, tells the history of the market, provides a primer on fish buying, cooking and filleting, and, of course, contains a multitude of recipes, from Lobster Stew to Nick's Fish Tacos. It's well organized, with excellent photography from Douglas Merriam.

The hardcover book ($29.99) is published by Down East and is available through the publisher's site, at Harbor Fish Market, at many local booksellers and those online places where books are sold. Here's a peek inside:

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Harbor Fish Market

9 Custom House Wharf, Portland, ME, 04101