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3 Stars for Anna's Water's Edge; Dinner at Artemisia; More

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Anna's Water's Edge was the subject of Nancy Heiser's Maine Sunday Telegram review this week. The Phippsburg restaurant gets five stars for atmosphere as "the view across Casco Bay is stunning. Malaga Island is in the foreground, West Point to the south, Ragged Island in the direction of Portland." But the food doesn't quite match and Anna's gets three stars overall. The fried seafood platter and baked stuffed seafood medley are both winners, but clam chowder lacks richness and has the "consistency of the milk you'd pour on morning cereal." A blueberry salmon special "was tasteless and overcooked." Heiser also advises against ordering dessert. [MST]

Brian Duff reviewed Artemisia Cafe for the Portland Phoenix. The West End spot started serving dinner just a few months back without a lot of fanfare. Duff says the low profile shouldn't turn folks away, as chef Guy Frenette's "ambitions are lofty."

An entrée of pan-roasted Maine cod featured a great summery succotash under the tender fish. It was a big, sweet, crunchy pile of sweet local corn and green beans, spotted with tender and sweet green and red heirloom tomatoes. The fish itself was perfectly cooked, and the whole dish had a pleasant buttery undertone that was cut nicely by a few squeezes of lemon. [PP]

The Press Herald's Eat and Run review gave the Mainely Burgers food truck four stars. The anonymous reviewer is at first hesitant of ordering the "Mainah," a burger that features green apples (along with cheddar cheese, sauteed onions, bacon and maple mayonnaise), but gives it a try and finds the apples work: "They were cut razor-thin, so they had a texture similar to cabbage, and went really well with the burger and other toppings. The meat itself was thick and juicy." [PPH]

Michaela Cavallaro reviews The Well at Jordan's Farm in Cape Elizabeth for this month's Down East magazine. She says the seasonal restaurant is worth visiting a few times throughout the warmer months to see how the harvest influences the menu. "Where a late spring meal is heavy on greens, for example, a mid-August plate contains the full array of the fields' bounty: tomatoes, corn, herbs, cucumbers, peppers, and more." [Down East]

From the Bloggers:
The (207) Foodie has high praise for Hot Suppa: "After eating breakfast and brunch all summer, I believe that Hot Suppa! may have the best breakfast out there."
Anna's Water's Edge. [Photo: Facebook]

Anna's Water's Edge

75 Blacks Landing Rd, Phippsburg, ME 04562