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The Maine Restaurants You, The Readers, Miss the Most

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Last week, Eater Maine posted an Open Thread and asked you to answer the question: What Closed Maine Restaurant Do You Most Miss? The answers poured in, in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter and through the tipline. Usually, with Open Threads, we like to make a map afterward with your suggestions, but since these lamented lost restaurants now only exist in marinara-stained memories and on faded matchbook covers, a map won't really work. So, instead, here's a roundup of the responses:

Carbur's, on Middle Street in Portland, was mentioned by several readers. The huge "Down East Feast" sandwich is recalled fondly, as is the book-like menu and fun atmosphere. The restaurant, which also had locations in Vermont, New York and Massachusetts (wait, Portlanders didn't always despise chains?) was a popular spot in the 1980s.

The Village Cafe, the large red-sauce Italian joint on Newbury Street in Portland that shuttered several years back after decades in business, also got a lot of love from readers. Here's what a couple of them wrote:

"It had an atmosphere all its own -- kind of campy old world. They'd bring a basket of their Italian bread when you sat down. I'd always eat too much of it before my entree came! What I miss the most is their lasagna - mmmmmm! And the seafood chowder, too. My husband usually got the veal or chicken Parmesan or the fried clams."

"I still miss The Village Cafe that was on Newbury street in Portland. One reason is because our family ate there quite often. I can remember going there when I was about 7 or 8. I am now 53, so I have many fond memories of gathering there. The second reason is because the variety and quality were so good. I really miss their lasagna, and they had delicious salads. The prices were reasonable for the portions that were served. It was a comfortable place for people of all ages. I have yet to find a replacement that fits the bill like the Village did. I still mourn the loss!"

And here are the other places that are missed (formerly in Portland unless otherwise noted):
- Alberta's
- Valle's Steak House
- The Roma Cafe
- F. Parker Reidy's
- The Boot and Buckle
- Ruby's Choice
- The Lost Kitchen (Belfast)
- The Kitchen (Brunswick)
- The original Gothic Cafe (Belfast)
- Periwinkle's Cafe & Bakery (Searsport)
- Sweets & Meats Market (Rockland)
- Second Read Cafe & Books (Rockland)
- Oriental Table
- Scales
- Hu Shang I and II
- Aubergine
- Bandol
- original Walter's
- The Brattle
- Uncle Billy's BBQ (South Portland)
- Bill's Pizza (Yarmouth)
- The Local
- Tumbleweeds (Northport)
- Una
- Horsefeathers
- original Snow Squall (South Portland)
- Norm's
- The Green Grocer
- Back Street Bistro (Brunswick)
- Bresca
- Cambridge Coffee (South Portland)
- Graziano's (Lisbon)