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What Closed Maine Restaurant Do You Most Miss?

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In this past week, we got word that Italian sandwich institution DiPietro's is shuttering after nearly 70 years in business and we also saw the eagerly awaited Boone's reincarnation open up, adding a modern vibe and menu to a spot that has a century-plus history of serving up seafood. Restaurants come and go. Some last decades and leave lasting memories, others flame out much sooner. So here's a question for you readers: What is the closed Maine restaurant that you miss the most? The place could have closed last week, or last millennium. We'll keep it broad here, so your favorite shuttered sandwich shop, pizzeria and/or bar are all fair game. Post your responses in the comments, or send them to the tipline.

While you're waxing nostalgic make sure you let us know where your favorite spot was located and feel free to add some details on why you miss the defunct eatery. Childhood memories? Incredible food? Special atmosphere? Met your spouse there over a shot of tequila?
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