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Four Stars for Susan's; Wannawaf; Nosh; Nebo; More

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As has become tradition, Shonna Milliken Humphrey gave out four stars once again in her Maine Sunday Telegram Dine Out Maine review. The lucky recipient this time of the "excellent" rating: Susan's Fish-N-Chips. The third paragraph does raise some questions as to what, exactly, is being factored into the number of stars handed out:

With a tangle of old buoys outside and a walk-up counter, old carpet and large garbage bins along a wall inside, the whole space initially feels a little grungy. Add the hot oil fryers, hand scrawled signage, walls covered haphazardly with items that straddle a fine line between kitsch and junk, and expectations must be managed.

The fried fish is fresh and well executed, but is that enough for a dining experience to earn four stars from the state's most prominent newspaper? Apparently so. [MST]

This week's anonymous Press Herald Eat and Run reviewer gave Wannawaf four stars. On the Blue, Bacon & Brie waffle: "It was an interesting blend of flavors, but I wished the brie pieces had been a little larger, because most of the chunks blended into the batter and got a little lost. When all the flavors came together in one bite, it was heaven." [PPH]

Claire Jeffers hits up Nosh Kitchen Bar for happy hour for the Press Herald's Bar Guide. She's on a quest to determine whether Nosh stands alone "as simply a bar," but after a couple drinks, she ultimately can't resist ordering some fries when she finds out how to get them for free. "My lack of willpower is partly to blame, but I think this is what Nosh intended to create -- an open, casual space that caters to the masses and ultimately keeps people hanging out long enough that they'll want to order fries, a burger, a meat and cheese plate, or all of the above." [PPH]

John Golden spent the week posting dispatches from North Haven on his Golden Dish blog, his visit to the Nebo Lodge inspiring some prose of a purple tint: "[T]here's something special about traveling 12 miles out to sea to the exquisite shores of North Haven Island where a soignee summer citizenry meet in this charming hillside inn above the salty confines of North Haven's protected harbor." [TGD]

Diane Hudson has nice things to say about the Dolphin Restaurant in Harpswell in the July/August issue of Portland Monthly. On the classic fish chowder: "The bygone splendors of the simple–holy smokes, just some good fresh fish, lots of butter, and surely a bit of salt pork–pulls on our heart strings."

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Susan's Fish-N-Chips [Photo: Facebook]

MJ's Wine Bar

1 Free Street, Portland , ME 04101 (207) 772-1400

Susan's Fish-N-Chips

1135 Forest Ave Portland, ME 04103