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Few Details Yet on Upcoming King's Head Pub

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Details remain sparse on the King's Head, a gastropub that's going in on the ground floor of the Pierce Atwood building on Merrill's Wharf. Buried at the bottom of a Press Herald planning board meeting story today, Justin O'Connor, a co-owner who was at the meeting, "said the restaurant will be called the King's Head, but he declined to go into more specifics until the restaurant opens."

A May Press Herald story says the King's Head group operates pubs in Stowe, Vt. and Athens, Ga., but some search engine sleuthing has rendered little useful info. Portland Food Map did find the floor plans submitted to the planning board, which call for a 78-seat restaurant.

So, tipsters, this is where you can help. Do you have any more information on the King's Head? What are the pubs in Vermont and Georgia? What'll the food and drink menus be like? Please pass any potentially useful info along via the tipline. It's always open.
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Merrill's Wharf. [Photo: Loopnet]

King's Head

254 Commercial St Portland, ME 04101