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Four stars for Abbondante; White Barn Inn; More

Shonna Milliken Humphrey reviewed Abbondante Trattoria and Bar for the Maine Sunday Telegram, giving it her standard four out of five star, or "excellent," rating. Now, either Humphrey and Travis, her "flip-flop-wearing husband," have an uncanny ability to visit only "excellent" restaurants, or (perhaps) her ratings aren't really an accurate way to compare dining experiences. Is Abbondante a four-star like David's Opus Ten, or like Mainely Meat on Main? Or, maybe, something in between?

The dining experience is a nice effort. From the moment we were greeted by the hostess (who eschewed the hipster jeans for a fabulous orange sundress) to the last bite, Travis and I felt taken care of.

The staff is friendly, the space is interesting and varied, and the menu seems intent on trying to edge away from boring ideas of Italian food -- but not so much that the items are unfamiliar. It's more of a gentle coaxing. [MST]

Virginia M. Wright reviews Kennebunk's White Barn Inn for the July issue of DownEast Magazine. "Maine's most exclusive restaurant" is now getting some competition in terms of food sophistication from other restaurants, Wright says, "But the near perfection of the entire $106-per-person four-course meal — the beautifully presented appetizers, the anticipation created by the intermezzo, the delightful surprise of those savory little between-course gifts known as amuse-bouches — remains a rare experience ... " [DownEast]

The Small Axe Truck earned four and a half stars from the Press Herald's anonymous Eat and Run reviewer, who had a sausage and green chili gravy breakfast bowl. "The hash browns were good, although I would have preferred them a bit more crispy. The green chili sauce had just enough kick to satisfy, but wasn't too hot -- just the way I like it." [PPH]

John Golden gives his seal of approval to Emilitsa in his The Golden Dish blog on the Press Herald site: " ... Our dinner for two was one of the best, most inventive meals I've had in Portland in a long while. There's none of that 'look at me I'm local' syndrome, though there's plenty of it in evidence on the menu. And if I awarded stars to my critiques, Emilitsa would earn the real meaning of a four-star rating." A not-so-subtle dig at some other local reviewers? [TGD]

In her Eat Maine blog for Maine Magazine, Amy K. Anderson finds plenty to like at the Blue Rooster Food Co., from the Cuban Reuben to the bacon-wrapped hot dogs to the báhn mi lobster roll. On that last one: "Each bite is a combination of tart vegetables, crisp cucumbers, and aromatic mint and cilantro. The lobster mayonnaise adds extra lobster flavor, while pork skin gives the sandwich a pop of salt." [Eat Maine]

Abbondante. [Photo: Facebook]

The White Barn Inn

37 Beach Avenue, Kennebunk, ME 04043 (207) 967-2321


27 Western Ave Kennebunk, ME 04043