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UPDATE: 'Satan's Sous Chef' Now w/ Story Link

UPDATE: Read the story online here.

Chris Busby's unflattering profile of Front Room, Grill Room, Corner Room and soon-to-open Boone's Fish House & Oyster Room owner Harding Lee Smith in this month's The Bollard is not yet available online, but here's the illustrated cover of the issue, which hit free newsstands last week. It captures the theme of the story, which Busby previewed on his blog, pretty well. Busby opens by giving Smith credit for being a highly successful restaurateur, but drops the hammer in his nut graph: "Smith's success is surprising, because by many accounts, he's also the most notorious asshole in the business. And if there's a challenger for that title, it may be his wife, Darcy, who's managed Smith's three rooms in recent years."

More to come on this one.

· Satan's Sous Chef: Why the Hell is Harding Lee Smith So Successful? [The Bollard]