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What Is Maine's Best Greasy Spoon?

Miss Portland Diner.
Miss Portland Diner.
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Eater Maine is looking for your help in answering a question of utmost importance: What is the best greasy spoon in Maine? To clarify, "greasy spoon" is not meant negatively. Quite the contrary. We're looking for the best diners and other casual eateries that serve up good, no-frills food. The actual spoons at these establishments may be quite clean, or possibly plastic, but they certainly don't come wrapped in linen.

So where do you go, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night, when you seek out an honest, satisfying meal that won't break the bank? Tell us in the comments, or send a tip to Feel free to fill us in on your favorite meal at your greasy spoon of choice or give a shout-out to that longtime cook/waitress/dishwasher that gives the place character and keeps you coming back..