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David Levi Looks to Kickstarter for Vinland Funding

Screencap via Kickstarter

David Levi has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $40,000 of funding for Vinland, his long-in-the-works, hyper-local restaurant that is slated to open on Congress Street sometime in the coming months. The campaign began yesterday and has over $2,300 in pledges as of this morning.

Levi, a former Dartmouth history major and high school teacher who embarked on some brief, high-level culinary apprenticeships in Europe, bills Vinland as "the first restaurant in the United States to serve 100% local, organic food." This means no olive oil, cane sugar, pepper or lemon, because those are not produced locally. There are a few beverage exceptions, as the restaurant will have coffee, tea and wine that is not local. Also, the beer will break from the menu's gluten-free theme, since gluten free beer is terrible.
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593 Congress St Portland, ME 04101