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Erin French Says She Will Return To The Lost Kitchen

Is she or isn't she ... closed permanently or taking some time off? Regular blogger and Facebooker Erin French of Belfast's cult fave The Lost Kitchen had pretty much dropped off the map for the last few weeks, prompting all sorts of speculation - such as the thread from Chowhound, above. In response to queries about the restaurant's future on its Facebook page, the chef's mother Deanna Richardson weighed in on April 22:

TLK is indeed closed, but only temporarily. As Erin's mom, I can tell you that she is looking forward to creating more wonderful meals in the very near future. Will let you know when she returns!
Then yesterday, French resurfaced with a philosophical post on The Lost Kitchen blog, promising a return after "going deep."
The demanding, 18 hour, blood, sweat and teary filled work days at The Lost Kitchen drove me to finally "find" myself. I found that things were not actually falling apart, the pieces were just falling into place?As I begin my journey to ascending to the surface, I look so forward to returning home and to The Lost Kitchen, happier, healthier, found. I can't wait to take a big, deep breath of salty, sweet Maine air, in my very favorite season, spring?the season of new beginnings. See you soon!

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The Lost Kitchen

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