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'Forefront Flavors' Feature Local Food And Drink

[Photos: The Gelato Fiasco]

Donuts in gelato? You bet, when those donuts are from Portland's hottest donut shop, The Holy Donut and the gelato is from the crazy-genius minds at The Gelato Fiasco. The Maine Potato Donut Gelato was the favorite at a recent tasting of Forefront Flavors, six, limited edition flavors created by The Gelato Fiasco in partnership with other Portland-based small food producers. Others were: Time and Temperature Espresso Gelato (two coffees from Tandem Coffee Roasters); Neptune's Delight Gelato (Black Atlantic Ale from Rising Tide Brewing Co.) Chaga Chai Kombucha Sorbetto (fermented chaga mushroom tea from Urban Farm Fermentory); and Eight Bells Sorbetto (pears soaked in rum from New England Distilleries). Just 200 pints of each flavor were created. The gelatos and sorbettos are available at The Gelato Fiasco and other local markets, including Whole Foods. [Eater Wire]