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Fryday Friday: Seven Fancy Fries Found in Portland

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The famous fries at Duckfat
The famous fries at Duckfat
Photo: Flickr

By Katy Kelleher, Eater Maine Contributing Writer

What better way to end Eater Maine's first Burger Week with a nod to the burger's traditional side? But just as there are numerous ways to serve a patty, there are also many, many ways to enhance the humble fry. Some chefs like to dust it with bacon powder, while others turn potato selection into a science. Forget about those cheese fries you ate as a kid, with their slick Velveeta covering. Today's fries come with garlic aioli, truffle ketchup, and Sriracha mayo. Whether you like them crispy and thin, or thick cut, we have fries for every diner in our Fryday Friday Fancy Fry list.

A sign in the window proclaims Duckfat's fries the best on earth, and though some may call it hubris, clearly those people haven't tasted their fries. Made with local Maine potatoes fried in—what else?—duckfat, these frites are good enough to be an entree. Plus, they come served in paper cones, which is a nice nod to the Belgian style. [Photo: Hungry Native]

fries-blueroost.jpgThe Blue Rooster Food Co.
A newcomer to the scene, Damian Sansonetti's sandwich shop has been open for mere weeks, but it's already become a late-night favorite. Get the tater tot poutine, which comes smothered in gravy, cheese curds, and with a nice grind of black pepper for flavor.

noshfries.jpgNosh Kitchen Bar
Bacon dusted french fries? Yes, it's a real thing. Nosh has fantastic fries, cut from Norwiss potatoes grown locally in Lewiston, made all the more incredible by the magic bacon powder. If that's not enough flavor, they also offer a variety of sauces from sweet Sriracha mayo, cranberry-orange yogurt, and chipotle mayo. [Photo: One For The Table]

pj-fries.jpgPetite Jacqueline
Francophiles can stick to the classic steak frites, which features perfectly cooked, juicy steak below a pile of matchstick fries, but these skinny crisps also make a great meal when accompanied by the steak tartar. [Photo: From Away]

The menu might be hit-and-miss, but the truffle fries are a consistent bright spot. Hand-cut and served with truffle ketchup, they're never greasy and always decadent. [Photo: Trip Advisor]

frieslittletap.jpgLittle Tap House
Chef Andrew Kadish says these fries are the result of "years of testing" and intense research. It paid off. Kadish found the right potato for his purposes, and as a result, the fries are crisp on the outside and smoothly creamy on the inside. [Photo: Yelp]

No fry roundup would be complete without a mention of the classic crisp's sweeter cousin. However, Sonny's has bypassed the sweet potato in favor of yam fries, which come with your choice of dip: garlic aioli, tamarind ketchup, or poblano cream. All solid condiments, but nothing beats yam fries paired with poblano cream. [Photo: Ted Axelrod]

Petite Jacqueline

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Little Tap House

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