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BA: Nebo Lodge One Of 'Top 10 Food Lover's Hotels'

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A week after being named one of 40 nominees in Bon Appetit's search for the "Top 10 Food Lover's Hotels in America," Nebo Lodge on North Haven made the final cut. It's the only hotel on the list in the Northeast. From BA Restaurant Editor Andrew Knowlton:

More than a charming nine-room inn on the idyllic Penobscot Bay, it's the island's bar, restaurant, and de facto gossip hub. During a stay last summer, in the company of quickly made friends, my wife and I enjoyed a rustic dinner of fried green tomatoes; a pickle plate starring sweet beets, Korean celery, and Sriracha cabbage; fish Reuben tacos; and a grass-fed burger. Most of it came from just down the road: Chef Amanda Hallowell gets almost all her ingredients (and inspiration) from sister property Turner Farm.

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[Photo: TripAdvisor]