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Nosh Kitchen Bar By The Numbers

Nosh Kitchen Bar executive chef/owner Jason Loring Photo: Zack Bowen/<a href="https://www.facebook.com/NoshKitchenBar">Facebook</a>]
Nosh Kitchen Bar executive chef/owner Jason Loring Photo: Zack Bowen/Facebook]

burger-noshnumbers1.jpgAdam Richman of Travel Channel's Man vs. Food may have come to Maine for lobster and the Manimal Challenge at Tradewinds Café (the then-restaurant of Old Orchard Beach's Hoss and Mary), but he stayed for the Apocalypse Now Burger at Nosh Kitchen Bar in Portland. Open for less than six months when Richman visited in 2010, Nosh and chef/owner Jason Loring, it could be easily argued, put Maine on the map as place to chow down on beef, pork and foie gras, as well as seafood. In the heart of the arts district, Nosh is especially popular for late-night, post-bar-hopping noshing. How much beef, bacon and potatoes do they go through to fill all those bellies? This and more vital information below as we break down NOSH BY THE NUMBERS.

Burgers sold per week: 600 4-ounce patties
Pounds of ground beef used per week:?? 150 pounds
Pounds of bacon used per week: 70 pounds
Meat supplier: Kineally is our meat supplier. Our beef is Omaha/Nebraska all-natural. Single sources, grass fed and grain finished. Our pork is from Dubreton in Canada. In May we will be changing over to Maine Family Farms all-natural beef and pork.
Pounds of American cheese used per week: 10
Pounds of potatoes used per week: 1,100 pounds from Rick Bolanger of Lewiston, supplied by Martha of Farm Fresh Connection. (That's 800 orders of fries per week)
Most popular burger: The NOSH burger : Nosh patty/ bleu cheese spread, baconfried eggs/ roasted garlic sauce/ brioche bun.
Most popular burger accompaniment: Our world famous bacon-dusted fries - 375 orders per week. Followed closely by beer.

[Burger and fries photo: Foodspotting]

Nosh Kitchen Bar

551 Congress St., Portland ME