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Burger Week Preview: Where Are Maine's Great Burgers?

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up: Starting on Monday, it's Burger Week in the Eater universe and since this is Eater Maine's first time at the plate, we'd like your help in tracking down the best, more distinctive, the most over-the-top, burgers in the great state of Maine. We're taking names and making notes in advance of a poll next week, so get your nominations in between now and Sunday evening. Here's what we want to know: The name of the burger, where it is served and why you like it. And while we're focusing on beef burgers, we don't want to leave our non-meat eating friends out in the cold, so by all means feel free to rave about your favorite "alternative" burgers too. You can let us know in the comments or use the handy tipline.

[Photo: Ted Axelrod]