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Yes, There Are Alternatives To Beer, Wine And Booze

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Here's a shocker: not everyone in Portland is a boozer. Sure, it's a city that loves its cocktails, beer and wine, but if you're not imbibing for one reason or another, there are other ways to slake your thirst while out on the town. Holly Irwin of Dispatch Magazine has taken the noble step of giving up liquor for Lent, which began on Feb. 13 and lasts until March 30. While she admits that "this has been quite a challenge for this late twenty-something gal working in the restaurant industry," she's come up with a list of places to "find alternatives to my favorite cocktails while my friends indulge." Among them: Roost House of Juice, where the list of mocktails includes a "Shaktini" (beets, blueberries and apple) and Duckfat, for its house-made sodas.

To her round-up, we add Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea, which includes mocktails on its cocktail menu, like the "Majestic Maple" - apple juice, lemon and maple syrup; the horchata at Taco Escobarr and the fresh fruit shrubs and refrescos at El Rayo Cantina. Did we miss your favorite no-booze drinks? Let us know in the comments.

· What To Drink When You're Not Drinking [Dispatch]

Roost House of Juice. [Photo: Ted Axelrod]


43 Middle Street , Portland, ME 04101 (207) 774-8080

Roost House Of Juice

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Roost House of Juice

11 Free Street, Portland