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David Levi Finds A Spot For Vinland; And More

PORTLAND, ARTS DISTRICTDavid Levi's hyper-local restaurant, Vinland, will occupy 593 Congress Street, according to its Facebook page. The storefront space, former home to The Kitchen, is across the street from the Portland Art Museum and around the corner from what was the Eastland Park Hotel, under renovation by Westin. Portland Food Map reports that Vinland will open in the summer. [FB]

SOUTH PORTLAND — The pull of Maine and the restaurant business was too strong for Robert and Laura Butler, who having left the state and their Portland restaurant, Rachel's Grill, behind three years ago, decamped for Florida. But now they're back, living in Cape Elizabeth and opening Enio's, a casual Italian eatery in South Portland where The Buttered Biscuit used to be, according to The Forecaster. "The long, refrigerated display cases have been replaced by rustic wooden shelves. Handmade wooden tables are getting set in place, as are counters by the windows facing Cottage Street ...Diners can expect 'pastas, risottos, simple meats, fish and salads. And lots of garlic,' Laura Butler promised." [TF]

LINCOLNVILLE — The Center General Store has been vacant for several years, but new owners Jeremy and Marcie Howard have plunged into restoring it, according to the Bangor Daily News. The couple is hoping that by sprucing up the 1850s building and reopening it for business in late spring or early summer, they will reinstate it as the hub of this tiny community. The renovation will result in a space "that looks old-fashioned but allows them to try new ideas — including showcasing locally grown produce and goods, and tempting diners with a well-thought-out cafe." [BDN]

Photo: Future home of Vinland. [Virtual Tourist]