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Who Makes Portland's Best Margarita?

Welcome to a new Eater Maine weekly feature, the Tuesday Open Thread, in which you, dear reader, are urged to weigh in on a wide range of dining and drinking topics. Have a suggestion for a future Tuesday Open Thread discussion? Drop us a line.

marg.jpgBecause it's going to snow another foot today ... why not consider that warm and sunny cocktail, the margarita? After a winter like this one, it's no wonder Conor Tubbs of Dispatch Magazine is musing about switching to cocktails with a happier, "fruitier palette." He dubs the margarita mixed by Asher Shryock of Amigo's (the subject of a recent bartender profile) in the Old Port "the absolute best margarita in Portland." Do you agree? Tell us in the comments.

[Photo: Ted Axelrod]