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Pizza For Charity; Town's 'Damp' Status Up For A Vote

Photo: Otto Pizza, Facebook

PORTLANDOtto Pizza is giving back with a series of fundraiser nights at its expanded Arts District location, each devoted to a local cause. The events were also conceived "to help raise awareness, encourage dialogue, and provide a venue for networking, brainstorming, and speaking with potential volunteers," according to the Otto blog. The first is on Monday, Feb. 26, benefiting the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund; see the blog for a complete list. [EaterWire]

SEDGWICK — When something is in between wet and dry it is ... damp. That's how the state of Maine classifies the town of Sedgwick, where you can buy booze at a store but can't order a martini in a restaurant (or a beer or bottle of wine, either). Selectman Victor Smith wants to change that status to "wet." "Why be stuck in the 18th century?" he told the Bangor Daily News. A referendum to allow on-premise liquor sales, supported by the town's tiny restaurant community, including the owners of El El Frijoles' is on the ballot for March 1. [BDN]

Otto Pizza

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