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She's Baack: Lee Farrington Reopens Figa (Sort Of)

Lee Farrington just couldn't stay away from her restaurant. Having closed 2-year-old Figa in late December, she's been tip-toeing back in ever since, first hosting an Art Bar on Feb. 2, then opening for weekends. And the tiny restaurant that famously didn't take reservations is, yup, reservations recommended (required, really) now. This from Figa's Facebook page on Wednesday:

Are you going to eat at the same old place this weekend...yea, don't think so.... Filling up with reservations over here....Come on...lets BOOK IT ALL UP.
Today she announced a new menu with "I'M PRETTY SURE WE HAVE SOMETHING HERE FOR YOU." Take a look.

Warm citrus herbed olives (GF/V) 4
Socca: roast onions, tomatoes, feta (GF/V) 7
Spicy tofu, orange soy glaze, house made kimchee (V) 8
Maine shrimp socca: cherry tomatoes: carmelized onion: jalapeno 7
Truffled purple potatoes: Maine sea salt: spiced mustard aioli 7
Sev crusted scallop, jicama, apple, pear slaw, curry vinaigrette (GF) 10
Tandoori chicken bites: seasoned yogurt dipping sauce 8
Roast beets: sherry vinaigrette: Maine sea salt 7
Black n' tan scallop crudo: sesame oil: toasted garlic: jalapeno 9
Tuna n' avocado: franks red hot: mayo: Maine sea salt 9
Shredded kale salad: daikon: carrots: walnuts: tahini vinaigrette 9

Bigger Plates
Maine Mussels: Blue Hill: coconut milk, Asian spices, crouton (GF) 10
Mediterranean board: hummus, baba ganoush, local feta, Greek style house naan (V) 13
Risotto: mushroom/squash, thyme, roasted garlic, lemon (GF/V) 16
Miso-glazed duck breast: braised red cabbage (GF)
Ginger broth-poached mahi mahi: quinoa, fennel, jalapeno (GF) 18
Burger: bun, aioli, house pickles, mixed green 14


249 Congress St. Portland