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Vote For The Hottest Chef In Maine: The Final Round!

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hotcheflogo1.pngAfter four grueling yet arousing rounds of voting for the Hottest Chef in Maine, we're in the home stretch. Now, it's time to vote in the final round. Whoever wins this round will be crowned the ultimate definitive forever (till next year) hottest chef in the state. Not only that, but the winner will go on to represent Maine in a national round against ever other Eater city's winner. And, surely, they will crush them with their blinding hotness.

Will it be...Matt Chamberlain from Crooked Mile Cafe and "Home" Catering; Shannon Bard of Zapoteca; Ian Driscoll from Grace Restaurant; or Andrew Taylor from Eventide and Hugo's? You decide! Now! The poll closes at 5:30PM, so act fast.

Poll results


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