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Primo Named To Bon Appetit's 'Most Important' List

Bon Appetit has announced its list of "The 20 Most Important Restaurants In America," defined as "the fearless spots that drive chefs to innovate, restaurateurs to imitate and the rest of us to line up." At #19 is Melissa Kelly and Price Kushner's Primo in Rockland, "one of the country's most sincere and exciting expressions of farm to table." The list was compiled by restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton, who explains his choices: "This isn't an All-Time Greatest list or a Hall of Fame. It's a list of the spots where chefs want to eat today, the places on the forefront of what is happening in dining at this moment."

· The 20 Most Important Restaurants In America [BA]

Primo. [Photo:Official Site]


2 S Main St, Rockland, ME 04841 207-596-0770