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Reviews of Katahdin, Dockside Grill, Nosh, and More

John Golden gave Katahdin three stars in his Maine Sunday Telegram review. The restaurant, which for years occupied the High Street spot where Little Tap House is now, moved to "the netherworld of Forest Avenue off Congress Street" a few years back. Golden finds a space that is "slick and serious," and is particularly fond of the bar: "The soul of the restaurant is definitely the barroom. This is where Winnie, partner and bartender nonpareil, holds court in a sweep of graciousness and warmth that makes her one of the most popular mixologists in town."

Golden finds a "minimalist" menu, but ends up with a pretty good meal.

My meal began with the butternut squash tart and an entrée of pork tenderloin with sweet potato mash.

The tart was essentially a quiche enriched with squash. The tenderloin was extremely tender but lacked the luster of a burnished crust that you'd expect from it being cooked on a wood-burning grill. The puree of sweet potatoes and apple, onion and bacon chutney was a delectable combination. [MST]

Ray Routhier visited the Falmouth House of Pizza for the Press Herald's Eat and Run feature. "You know Falmouth House of Pizza has a Greek influence as soon as you walk into the cozy, wood-paneled restaurant and see the pictures of Greece on the wall and on the menu. Besides the spanakopita and the Greek salad, other Greek dishes include a chicken souvlaki dinner and gyros, chicken or a special 'gyro blend' of meats rolled into a pita bread. Most of the dinners are priced around $8 and up." [PPH]

Claire Jeffers kept with the Falmouth theme and checked out the Dockside Grill for the Press Herald's Bar Guide. "The cherry- and ginger-infused whiskey isn't so much cherry as it is whiskey, and there's little to no taste of ginger. Served on the rocks with a bit of soda, the drink's not bad but with a few more iterations of the infusion, Dockside could be onto something." [PPH]

From the Bloggers:

The Booze, Fish & Coffee podcast discussed Taco Trio in SoPo. From the show notes: "THIS is the real deal. When you're looking for authentic Mexican eats in Maine, this is the place: house-made corn tortillas, unbelievable salsas, and slow-cooked flavors like you wouldn't believe."

Peter Peter Portland Eater hit up Nosh. After shaking his fried pickle twice but not thrice, he is ready for his Nosh burger: "Gadzooks! It was magnificent. The blue cheese spread had the consistency of boursin cheese, but with a slightly sharper flavor as you might expect. That spread combined with the garlic-balsamic sauce gave the burger a heavenly and robust taste with added substance from the bacon and egg."
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Katahdin. [Photo: Facebook]


27 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04101