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Andrew Zimmern Instagrams His Way Through Portland

Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern was apparently in Portland over the weekend, posting photos on Instagram (sorry, no selfies) of stops at Standard Baking Co., Eventide Oyster Co., Pai Men Miyake and Salvage BBQ. The likeable Travel Channel personality, known for his willingness to put strange thinks in his mouth, appeared to stick with normal menu items on this visit and seemed to enjoy what Portland had to offer. His first stop was at Standard Baking Co.:

He writes, "Standard baking company Portland Maine. 630am. Sadly all I got was coffee"

Next up was Eventide, from where he posted several shots, including this one: "Oyster insanity @eventideoyster"

Then on to Pai Men Miyake. "Pork belly buns at Pai Men Miyake"

And Salvage BBQ. "Truly world class BBQ across street from Maine Medical ... Salvage BBQ doing it all"

Then a return trip to Pai Men Miyake. "Bite of the night. Ceviche roll ..."

· @chefaz [Instagram]
Andrew Zimmern. [Photo: Travel Channel]

Salvage BBQ

919 Congress Street, , ME 04102 (207) 553-2100 Visit Website

Pai Men Miyake

188 State St., Portland, ME 04101 207-541-9204 Visit Website

Eventide Oyster Co.

86 Middle Street, , ME 04101 (207) 774-8538 Visit Website