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Check Out the Menus for C2 (Congress Squared)

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C2 [Photo: Facebook]

C2 (also kinda cleverly known as Congress Squared, not just C Squared, because Congress Square is right outside the doors) is open in the new Westin Portland Harborview, which used to be the Eastland Park Hotel until it closed down for $50 million in refurbishments. John Golden already has an early dispatch on drinks and snacks at the restaurant's bar on his Golden Dish blog. He says the bar has "... very comfortable leather-backed high chairs. For once these chairs were the correct height; there's been an epidemic of ill-fitting seating at some of our newer restaurants with chairs that are too low for comfort at table or bar." He's a bit underwhelmed by the duck pate.

A C2 Facebook page just went up and reservations can be made on Open Table. The menu has regional hotel standards like clam chowder, a lobster roll and a sirloin burger (house made ketchup!), but there are also some more creative options like lobster shepherd's pie and lamb osso bucco. Check the offerings out in full below:

C2 Lunch Menu

C2 Dinner Menu

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157 High St Portland, ME 04101