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The Snug's New Menu is Small and Expletive Laced

The Snug has a new, all-vegetarian food menu with nine items, three iterations of fuck and one reference to "a queer little knife." The self-described "Irishish" pub on Munjoy Hill is known better for its drinks and for banning Rooms chef/restaurateur Harding Lee Smith than it is for its food, and that will probably remain the case even with the new menu, which has things like a sleeve of Ritz crackers and block of cheddar as well as some imitation meat options. But there is now a cook and a decent array of snacks and sandwiches. The days of frozen pizzas and soft pretzels are long gone, and so are the recent glory days of bringing in Otto pies from next door. (Blame the code officials.)

From owner Margaret Lyons, "As a vegetarian that often struggles to find something on a menu, I wanted to complement Green Elephant's amazing all-vegetarian dinner offerings with vegetarian comfort/pub food." It's not the biggest or fanciest menu in town, but it just may be the most amusing. Check it out:

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The Snug. [Photo: Facebook]

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The Snug

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