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Cans are Ready to be Filled with The Substance

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Awaiting The Substance. [Photo: Facebook]

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company is getting ready to fill its first cans. The nano brewery from brothers Noah and Peter recently posted a photo of the thousands of shiny new metal vessels that showed up at their spot on One Industrial Way. Their flagship brew, The Substance, is a hop bomb American-style ale that will come in four packs of Heady Topperesque 16-ounce pounder cans, a package that few other small batch Maine brewers are not currently using. It will also be on draft at local establishments. For those that can't wait, it's already being poured at the Thirsty Pig in Portland, which hosted a release party on Saturday night.
· Bissell Brothers Brewing Company [Facebook]
· The Thirsty Pig [Facebook]

Bissell Brothers Brewing Company

One Industrial Way, Portland, ME, 04101