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After 30+ Years, The Portland Wok Inn Has Closed

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A week or so ago, the Wok Inn at Morrill's Corner in Portland quietly shuttered after more than 30 years of serving inexpensive, Americanized Chinese fast food. This was not a surprise, as the property has been listed for lease for months. Still, it brings an end to one of Portland's longest running restaurants.

In its heyday, Wok Inn had late-night lines out the door and was one of just a few Asian options in town. But as post-bar crowds began sticking around the Old Port for drunken eating and Thai and Vietnamese options popped up all over Portland (several, right down the road), Wok Inn became less necessary. About a year ago, the South Portland Wok Inn (different ownership) also closed.

The 5,000+ SF property is still listed for lease, so there does not appear to be a plan for a new restaurant to move in at this time.
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Wok Inn. [Photo: Tom Minervino]

Wok Inn

1209 Forest Ave, Portland, ME 04103