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In'Finiti Now Pouring Its Housemade Booze

In'Finiti Fermentation & Distillation is now, at last, serving up its first batches of Rhum Blanc and Well... Vodka, distilled in-house. From the Facebook page: "The infinite circle is complete! We now serve food cooked in our kitchen, beer brewed in our brewery, and vodka & rum distilled in our distillery! Cheers Portland!"

The restaurant/brewpub/distillery opened in March, but strict regulations on liquor production and distribution delayed the roll out of In'Finiti's own spirits. (In'Finiti makes and bottles its booze on site, but then must haul it to Augusta to sell it to the state, then buy it back, pay tax on it and bring it back to the restaurant before it can pour it. A very efficient process.) The bottles should also start popping up at liquor stores and other bars and restaurants very soon. Vodka and white rum have a quicker turnaround time, so that's why they are the first offerings, but In'Finiti also has some whiskeys aging away in barrelsbourbon-style, rye and oat varieties — and some other spirits in the works, so keep an eye out.
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