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Portland's Only Tim Hortons Has Closed

Portland's lone Tim Hortons (which also had a Cold Stone Creamery) closed abruptly over the weekend. The main signage was taken down and a poster was on the door announcing the closing of the Westgate location. Those seeking cheap, mediocre coffee and baked goods were directed to head over to the Canadian chain's Maine Mall Road outpost in South Portland.

With stiff competition from good, local doughnut and coffee shops, as well as the ubiquitous chain that America Run On, Timmy's has not fared too well in the Portland area. Two South Portland locations remain (the one by the mall and another that is connected to a Wendy's), but a Westbrook spot just over the Portland line closed a few years back and remains vacant.

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Tim Hortons

1412 Congress Street Portland, ME 04102