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UPDATE: No Lobster Died For This PETA Ad

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PETA took out full page ad in today's Portland Press Herald to profess its belief that Linda Bean's Maine Lobster, the Rockland-based seafood processing plant, should not end the lives of lobsters in the manner it does.

The ad features a bright red lobster raising its claw in protest. The irony, of course, is that a red lobster is a dead lobster. The delicious crustaceans only turn red upon being cooked, meaning that the animal rights organization sacrificed a lobster for the sake of a newspaper advertisement. No word on the cooking method PETA used.

UPDATE: A PETA spokesperson reached out to Eater this afternoon to clarify: "PETA, of course, did not kill or cook a lobster for this ad, and frankly, there is no irony here: Our ad is against the live dismemberment revealed at Linda Bean's Maine Lobster, and the stock image that we chose depicts a whole lobster who, obviously, was not dismembered. (As for why we chose a bright red lobster: That is, unfortunately, the way that most people know these animals.)"
[Screenshot: Press Herald e-Edition]