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High & Mighty Beer Co. Coming to Portland?

Could High & Mighty Beer Co. be setting up shop in Portland in the future? It's a real possibility, according to Tom Atwell's What Ales You column in today's Press Herald. The Massachusetts-based company, known for sessionable, Americanized versions of German-style brews (most notably, Beer of the Gods), is looking to expand and tells Atwell:

"We explored a number of options in Massachusetts and just couldn't find the right fit as of yet. ... We're still considering a few sites in Massachusetts but have discovered what we believe to be greener pastures up here in the Portland area."

Right now, High & Mighty's beers are brewed at Paper City Brewery in Holyoke, Mass. In looking for digs of its own, the company is considering "a small Farm to Table Brewery Restaurant in the Portland area." The plan would be to open it within the next two years.

It's certainly an interesting prospect, but Portland isn't currently lacking in breweries or farm-to-table restaurants, with more of both on the way in the coming months. Atwell says, "... High & Mighty would be a great addition to Maine, even though it is originally 'from away.'" Do you readers agree?
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