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Reviews of Babylon; Hugo's; Tipico; Deb's Diner; More

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Nancy Heiser visited Middle Eastern restaurant Babylon for this week's Maine Sunday Telegram review. After an unacceptable first trip to the seven-month-old Morrill's Corner restaurant (it replaced Al Huda), she goes back and finds a few redeeming qualities, though the two star rating the restaurant receives is one of the lowest to appear in the paper in recent memory. Her conclusion: "Babylon won't sublimely transport you to the Middle East, and the decor may be off-putting to some. But the homestyle fare will fascinate with its unusual seasonings, and the bill will be gentle on your wallet. A couple of deceptively simple dishes are quite good." [MST]

Katy Kelleher writes about the experience of a five-course meal at Hugo's for this month's edition of Maine magazine. "Instead of keeping chefs behind a swinging door and out of sight, Hugo's tears down the barriers between customer and chef, creating a dining experience that is interactive, communal, and even, at some points, thrillingly theatrical." [MM]

Press Herald food writer Meredith Goad got the nod for this week's Eat and Run review and she visits the new Tipico Dominican restaurant in Portland. She finds authentic, affordable food, though some of it suffers from sitting around in a steam table. "I was in a bit of a hurry myself, so I ordered a half-serving of a dish that was basically chunks of pork cooked with slices of pepper ... This was a mixed experience because some of the pork was dry from sitting around for so long." [PPH]

Claire Jeffers enjoys a cocktail at the popular, new Portland Hunt & Alpine Club for the Press Herald's Bar Guide. "Nestled on the northern block of Market Street, Hunt & Alpine Club breathes new life into Portland's active bar scene with a sleek but straightforward decor and an efficient staff that's both informed and down-to-earth." [PPH]

John Golden makes the trek to Deb's Diner in Waldoboro to try out the nationally recognized biscuits. He finds a packed little place that lives up to his high expectations. "Was it all worth the trip? The hash was gloriously good. The poached eggs and Hollandaise were deliciously perfect. And the piece de resistance--the buttermilk biscuits--were everything I hoped they would be." [TGD]

From the Bloggers:
Booze, Fish & Coffee checks out Empire Chinese Kitchen for their latest podcast. From the summary: "The boys delve into the history and varieties of Chinese food, from Szechuan to Shandong. And finally, they hook you up with not one but two delicious beverage recommendations." [BFC]

Peter Peter Portland Eater provides a thorough review of a recent meal at Outliers Eatery. "Outliers wins for its modern decor. It might be the best in town. The staff seemed to be on point – knowledgeable and attentive. The food had little highlights, but on the whole, it left me wanting more. Was it bad? Absolutely not. But I think that the magnificent decor and pricey menu had me expecting to be blown away and I wasn't." [PPPE]
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