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Focusing On Fore Street, A Portland Icon

Joe Ricchio takes a look "behind the veil" at Fore Street in the January issue of Maine Magazine, which just went online today. His homage to "one of the most sensory restaurant experiences that the city has to offer," focuses little on the legendary food, but instead primarily on the staff — both in the kitchen and in the dining spaces — a "cohesive crew" that sets the iconic restaurant apart.

As server Lance Cromwell puts it: 'Attention to detail is paramount: in the back of the house this begins with Sam Hayward, executive chef and part owner, and his overall gestalt and food philosophy that is woven through the very talented cadre of cooks and support staff. In the front of the house, this starts with owner Dana Street, the building and its rooms, and the various appointments for every level of service—which flows down through management, the hosts, servers, and bartenders.' For the guests, this means simple, well-prepared food at a relaxed pace. They remain blissfully ignorant of what goes into a well-orchestrated and seamless dining experience.

· Fore Street [MM]

[Photo: Flickr/Andrew Eland]

Fore Street

288 Fore Street , Portland, ME 04101 (207) 775-2717

Fore Street

288 Fore St. Portland, ME