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New Beer Society; Tipping Advice; Aphrodisiac Dinner

ORONOWoodman's Bar & Grill is rolling out Woodman's Beer Society this spring, which co-owner Abe Furth tells the Bangor Daily News is all about education and community. And beer, of course. In addition to the usual perks, "a membership card, a chalice-style beer goblet and a T-shirt ... the beer society will in fact be responsible for tasting, discussing and selecting different brews to be served on Woodmans' rotating tap lines." [BDN]

PORTLAND — "If you can't afford to tip your bartender at least $1 per drink/beer, you can't afford to go out." Great advice, and there's lots more where it came from in Conor Tubbs' straight-talk tipping manifesto for Dispatch Magazine. Spa treatments, taxi rides and pizza delivery are covered too. "One pal says that $2 and some? (ahem) herbal remedies are the perfect swap for a hot pizza and wacky bread. To each their own, y'all." [Dispatch]

OLD PORT — Aphrodisiac foods from Italy and Greece are on the four-course menu for chef TIm Labonte's next "International Series" dinner at Eve's At The Garden in the Portland Harbor Hotel. The cost is $70 per person, including wine pairings, tax, tip and indoor valet parking. [Eaterwire]

[Photo: Taps at Woodman's Bar & Grill/Bangor Daily Photo blog]