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Damian Sansonetti On Blue Rooster, Taco Escobarr

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Drumroll please ... The name of the cafe and catering business under construction at 9 Dana Street is Blue Rooster Food Company according to chef Damian Sansonetti, one of the operation's three partners. Not one to bide his time say, sipping cocktails, while he waits for approvals from the city so that Blue Rooster can open, Sansonetti is helping Tom Barr (one of his Blue Rooster partners) revamp the menu at Barr's Mexican eatery in the Arts District, Taco Escobarr, which is closed this week and will reopen on Sunday.

"We're making it more like Mexican street food," said Sansonetti, who knows his tacos and tortas from time spent in Baja and Central Mexico. "It will be more soulful and boldly flavored. It's going to be a work in progress - with Tom being my partner, he has access to me and I can go back in and tweak things." Barr and chef Jason Loring recently parted ways as co-owners of Taco Escobarr and Nosh Kitchen Bar across the street: Loring is now the sole owner of Nosh.

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Blue Rooster Food Co.

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