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Next Sonnet; Fonda Sandwich Renamed; I'll Have, What?

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PORTLAND Chef Damian Sansonetti's next Sonnet Pop-Up dinner is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 4 and will have a "modern Roman Epicurean" theme. The 5-6 course menu is based on Apicus, ancient Roman texts that contain the oldest surviving written recipes, which will "be interpreted using Maine Ingredients wherever possible." said Sansonetti. The cost/donation is $65 per person, but no word on whether togas are required. Reservations can be made through [EaterWire]

WINSLOW — Complaints from Vietnam vets who apparently didn't like the thought of eating Jane Fonda for lunch prompted Big G's Deli owner Gerry Michaud to change the name of a "low-calorie" sandwich named for the "fitness-conscious actress and activist," according to "Michaud's now renamed the sandwich the '41,470,' in honor of the number of U.S. combat deaths in Vietnam." Quite a mouthful. [BG]

PORTLAND — Putting herself out there on a subject that drives servers batshit, Portland Daily Sun columnist Natalie Ladd - a part-time server herself - admits to obsessing over what to order, especially on a date. "There is a great inherent need to analyze every ingredient, balance it against what I ate there last time, and to take the actual food-cost-price-point-versus-portion/value-ratio into account." [PDS]

[Photo: Damian Sansonetti at the first Sonnet Pop-Up in October at Dandelion Spring Farm in Newcastle/Delicious Musings blog]