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Places In Portland To Meet, Or Keep, A Date

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Natalie Ladd reflects on the suddenly ramped up attention to dating among "a few people she really cares about," which may or may not be a seasonal thing - perhaps it's the thought of spending the long, cold winter alone. For her column in The Portland Daily Sun, she considers the concept of "a pre-date meeting or screening of sorts," finding Portland "a perfect place it is to accommodate these kinds of social situations."

Ladd's list of "Meet, Greet and Get me the Hell out of this Seat" options includes Books-A-Million Cafe, Local Sprouts, Becky's Diner, The Public Market and Deering's Big Sky Bread Company. "First Date, This Could be Great places are Bruno's Restaurant and Tavern, Veranda Noodle Bar, Andy's Old Port Tavern, The Lotus in Falmouth and Hot Suppa.

With the same fun, funky and cozy setting at dinner as at breakfast, the menu is perfectly priced for a first date and the Cajun slant is unique and fun for sharing. Don't forget the $1 oyster special. They are an aphrodisiac, after all.

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[Photo: Bruno's Restaurant and Tavern/Wrestling With Retirement blog]