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Pocket Brunch: The Toughest Table In Town

It's not a restaurant, but it's fast becoming one of the hottest — and hardest to get into — dining experiences in Portland. Pocket Brunch, a "collaborative nomadic restaurant" by Joel Beauchamp, 158 Pickett Street Cafe owners Josh Potocki and Katie Schier Potocki and cocktail expert Nathaniel Meiklejohn, has been an almost immediate sell-out for their first three events, the first of which was in late July. Each brunch has a different theme and a different guest chef - Jason Loring of Nosh headlined "Curiosities" on Sept. 2 and Karl Deuben of Miyake will join the crew for "Farm Hands" on Oct. 7.

Beauchamp opened up about Pocket Brunch to Alex Steed of Bangor Daily News' Bourbon. Portland. Beer. Politics. blog. They don't offer the menu ahead of time because "Pocket Brunch is about being creative as possible without someone standing over us and telling us not to do this or that," and locations are only revealed to the lucky few who purchase tickets.

At first we wanted to throw a couple awesome brunches for our friends because while we work together, we don't get a lot of chances to cook together creatively because we are both so busy ... We picked brunch because brunch can be anything, literally anything, from cereal and milk to fried chicken and mac and cheese. It is everything in one meal, so we wouldn't be restricted.

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[Photo: Pocket Brunch #2 at Nosh/Facebook]