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Emails Show Porthole Fast-Tracked To Reopen

"She's going to go bananas," Portland health inspector Michele Sturgeon wrote in an email about how state inspector Lisa Roy would react to news that the Porthole had been allowed to reopen two days after it was shut for a rat infestation. The Portland Press Herald has obtained this and a slew of other emails showing the pressure put on city officials by Porthole owner Oliver Keithly and others to get the waterfront place back up and running quickly.

Fred Forsley, president and co-owner of Shipyard Brewing Co. in Portland, sent an email to state Sen. Justin Alfond of Portland, Mayor Michael Brennan and Chris O'Neil, the Portland Community Chamber's liaison to City Hall ... Oliver is a great Portland citizen and businessman, Forsley wrote. We need flexible people to manage unique issues.
The day she shut down the Porthole, Sturgeon emailed Roy saying the conditions in the business were 'horrendous' and would take a 'min. of a week or two' to address."

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Porthole Restaurant

20 Custom House Wharf, Portland ME