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Turin Opening 'Restaurant Within A Restaurant'

The location and concept of David Turin's third Portland restaurant are no longer a mystery. The chef revealed to The Portland Press Herald's Meredith Goad that after a year and a half of "searching all over town for just the right space," David's Opus 10 is under construction in the former event space at David's It "will be an 18-seat restaurant with its own independent, open kitchen and a fixed price (about $55 with wine pairings extra), multi-course menu."

It takes huge pressure off financially, and it just opens the door creatively enormously because then you don't have to pander to 'How are we going to get people in the door?' he said. I'm going to do the restaurant I always wanted to do, and I'm not going to have all this financial pressure hanging over my head.
Turin is bringing in Bo Byrne, chef de cuisine at David's 388 in South Portland, to cook with him at Opus 10. Byrne's sous-chef, Carlos Tirado, will take his place.

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David's Opus 10

22 Monument Square, Portland ME