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Portland's Nine Most Iconic Dining Rooms

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[All Photos: Ted Axelrod, except where noted.]

Presenting Portland's nine most iconic restaurant dining rooms, in no particular order. Each of these spaces is an utter original that brings something unique to the local restaurant scene, whether it's a modern, farm-to-table restaurant in a historic church, like Grace, or a funky neighborhood hangout in what was once a supermarket, like Local 188. Was your favorite not included? By all means, leave a comment. Otherwise, click through the gallery for images and captions and enjoy the visual feast.

· Carmen at The Danforth, West End.
· Emilitsa, Arts District.
· Figa, Munjoy Hill.
· Grace, Bayside.
· Hugo's, Old Port.
· Local 188, West End.
· Miyake, Old Port.
· Petite Jacqueline, West End.
· Sonny's, Old Port.

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468 Fore Street, , ME 04101 (207) 871-9170 Visit Website


15 Chestnut Street, Portland, ME 04101 207-828-4422 Visit Website

Petite Jacqueline

190 State Street, Portland, ME 04101 205 530 7044 Visit Website

Local 188

685 Congress Street, , ME 04102 (207) 761-7909 Visit Website