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Bon Appetit Spotlights 'Out Of The Blue'

Photo: Outdoor dining at Sea Glass/<a href="">Inn by the Sea</a>]
Photo: Outdoor dining at Sea Glass/Inn by the Sea]

Chef Mitchell Kaldrovich of Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth is featured in a Bon Appetit story about the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Out of the Blue program. Launched in June, the program introduces Maine restaurant customers to lesser-known, sustainable species of fish by asking chefs to feature the fish for a week. June was redfish, July was mackerel and the latest fish is whiting, making its debut on 20 restaurant menus including Kaldrovich's at the Inn's restaurant, Sea Glass, this Friday, Sept. 21.

The idea is that once diners know that whiting is worthy of a nightly special, they might just order it again, and ultimately drive up demand. To zazz up the world of sustainable fishing a little bit, the program keeps the promoted fish under wraps until right before its big debut: They wouldn't even tell us what the next fish, slated for October, is going to be (c'mon spiny dogfish!). Talk about drama!
Kaldrovich, a native of Argentina, is familiar with whiting "In Europe, it's a very famous fish ... "but here it's 20 cents a pound. It doesn't make any sense."

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Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea

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